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Everything is Beautiful

by Eleanor Ray

If you feel like a gentle, sweet read reminiscent of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine with an unpredictably clever mystery then this one’s for you!

When aspiring artist, Amy Ashton’s world fell apart eleven years ago, she was advised to start a memory box of things that were special to her. Just a few keepsakes of happier times: some honeysuckle to remind herself of the boy she loved, a chipped china bird, an old terracotta pot . . . Things that others might throw away, but to Amy, represent a life that could have been.

Her collection has turned into an obsession and now her house is absolutely overflowing with the objects she loves, to the point of being dangerous. When a family move in next door, a chance discovery unearths a mystery, and Amy’s carefully constructed life begins to unravel.  Each item she collects – key rings, ashtrays, mugs, lighters – reveal the associated memory and as she gets braver, each memory she confronts leads her closer to uncovering what really happened 11 years ago…

Intricate, beautifully written and thought-provoking. Packed with psychological realism, Eleanor Ray has perfectly captured how it feels to not quite fit in, to live with emotional baggage, to not know how to let go of the past.  It’s heart-breaking in parts but ultimately delivers one of the most poignant and heart-warming stories in recent years.  – MW Craven, CWA Gold Dagger winning author of The Puppet Show

A mystery with a difference. Beautifully constructed around the everyday items its central character hoards, as she slowly uncovers the secrets of her past. – Andrea Mara, author of The Other Side of the Wall.

(The American title is The Missing Treasures of Amy Ashton)

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