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Less is Lost

by Andrew Sean Greer

Little Brown

Author, Arthur Less is lost… the death of an old lover and the ensuing financial crises have derailed him, forcing him to accept literary events all over the United States.  Travelling in a rusty old camper van from California, through the ‘Mild Mild West’ to the his birthplace in Delaware; having more adventures than a middle-aged, moustachioed, grey-suited, moderately successful writer could hope for; it slowly dawns on Less that sometimes what you’re looking for is right back where you started… Poignantly, insightfully and hilariously told by his lover, Freddy Pelu, it turns out that more of Less is a really good thing!

Following on from Less which won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2018, Less is Lost – according to Elizabeth Day – “nails both the absurdity of the human condition and its wistful beauty”.

Arthur Less is back for more. Readers met the gay, middle-aged, fictional novelist in Andrew Sean Greer’s novel Less, which won a Pulitzer Prize in 2018. Now, Less is channeling his emotions over his former partner’s death into a U.S. road trip, bouncing from literary gig to gig. Along the way, expect him to transform in surprising—and inevitably amusing—ways. Less Is Lost is a satisfying sequel about resilience and choosing love.—TIME Magazine

We can’t presume to know how the American story, that insane and unprecedented jumble of genres, will end, but Less and Freddy’s story is another matter. No one’s private world is shielded from national storms, but often enough the sun does shine there. We need some novels to remind us of that, and this is one.— New Yorker

The spark that filled the original Less with such joy and relatable anxiety is here in abundance. It’s safe to say if you loved the first book, you’ll enjoy this one too. Greer has created a sequel that succeeds in doing what we all want from a sequel. The same but not the same. Different without being different. Going deeper without troubling the foundations. Less is Lost is, unsurprisingly, a sweet return to the arms of a lover who knows you better than you know yourself. It’s a joy to be back here again… The Queer Review

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