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Romantic Comedy

by Curtis Sittenfeld


This is such a fun romance – or a rip-off of a romance that turns into an actual romance. I thoroughly enjoyed it! So satisfying!

Sally Milz is a script-writer for a famous late-night TV comedy show.  She loves her job, she’s pretty much married to it which is a good thing as she has never had much luck on the romance front.  One of her pet annoyances with the movie/TV industry is how so many very ordinary-looking guys end up with beautiful, successful women and how the reverse never seems the case.  She even writes a sketch about this irritating ‘social rule’.  Then she meets Noah Brewster, a guest on the show – rather breath-takingly gorgeous, mega pop star with a reputation for dating young models – who seems to be showing an interest in her.  This is real life – not a romantic comedy – surely this can’t be happening?

With her keen observations and trademark ability to bring complex women to life on the page, Curtis Sittenfeld explores the neurosis-inducing and heart-fluttering wonder of love, while slyly dissecting the social rituals of romance and gender relations in the modern age.

Three cheers for Curtis Sittenfeld and her astute, sharp and ebullient anthropological interest in the human condition.”—The New York Times Book Review

“[Sittenfeld] is a master of dramatic irony, creating fully realized social worlds before laying waste to her heroines’ understanding of them. . . . Her prose [is] a rich delight.”—The Boston Globe

“Whatever [Sittenfeld] writes, we’ll read it.”—People

“Sittenfeld is a clear thinker, a canny observer, and a solid, graceful stylist.”—The Washington Post

“A skilled storyteller [who] delivers a well-told, compelling story about characters so real they settle into your psyche like old friends.”—Associated Press


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