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That Little Voice in Your Head

by Mo Gawdat

Bluebird Books

We all do it – torture ourselves with a thought – allow it to run round and round for days and days – causing misery to no-one else but ourselves.  Why do we do it?  Did you read Mo Gawdat’s amazing first book, Solve for Happy? When the worst thing that can happen to a parent – losing a child – happen to Mo, he made a decision to understand happiness and how to achieve it in the face of grave diversity.  Mo was a hotshot Google engineer so he tackled the issue as if it were a problem to be solved and he’s done the same with this book.  He treats the brain as if it were a computer – to fix it you need to find out what’s wrong with it.  It’s really a great way of looking at things!  By breaking the causes of our thoughts into relatable components, Mo comes up with a “code” for reprogramming our brains and moving away from the misconceptions modern life gives us.  It’s a really useful reality check!  I’m so pleased I read it.


Mo Gawdat is my life guru. His writing, his ideas and his generosity in sharing them has changed my life for the better in so many ways. Everything he writes is an enlightening education in how to be human – Elizabeth Day bestselling author of How to Fail

A proactive and bold read that provides the shake that humans need to take back our agency over AI, and therefore the fate of the world as we see it.—  Dr Camilla Pang, author of Explaining Humans:
What Science Can Teach Us About Life, Love and Relationships


Have a listen to Mo Gawdat explaining the concept in this 20 minute video.  I would skip the rather annoying introduction.

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