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The Startup Wife

by Tahmima Anam


Computer scientist, Asha is super-bright.  She’s halfway through her PhD with lots of big plans when she bumps into the boy she secretly had a crush on all through high school and suddenly, everything changes…. Before she knows it, Asha is literally swept away by both a whirlwind romance and a revolutionary idea: a life-changing social media app that promises to bring meaning to millions of lives.  While she creates the ingenious algorithm, her new husband, Cyrus’ charismatic appeal throws him into the media spotlight as the frontman for the idea.  And then WAI (We Are Infinite) explodes – seemingly overnight it’s the Next Big Thing – but Asha finds herself being left behind…

The Startup Wife is gripping, witty and so contemporary. You’ll feel the buzz of New York, the crazy hours, the pressure, the panic, the deadlines, the pitches to investors, the euphoria of galloping social followings, the responsibilities, the frustrations still faced by women in business and the heartache of not getting the credit… It’s a great read about love, faith, big ambitions, speaking out and standing up for what you believe in.

The buzziest novel of the summer…there’s delicious humour in the subtly savage takedowns of the Silicon Valley system… Anam deftly explores the gender politics of the book’s central partnership. -Entertainment Weekly

A witty investigation into the misogyny and bro culture of the world of startups and social media apps – The Guardian

A wise and wickedly funny novel about love, creativity, and the limitations of the tech-verse – Vogue

Faith, feminism, and our automated future make for a delicious mash-up in this satirical novel.. Anam’s penetrating look at the tech world’s discrimination pairs beautifully with her meditation on marriage and faith – Esquire

A scathing—and hilarious—take on startup culture, marriage and workaholism – Politico

Takes the age-old cliché of a woman being undermined by men at work and places it in the center of a modern, satirical story – CNN.com

Spectacular… a powerful statement on the consequences of public achievement on private happiness. – Publishers Weekly

A feminist comic novel about the tech world…  the bliss Asha felt when she gave up her PhD studies and reconnected with Cyrus, her high school crush, may not outlast his ambitions – The Washington Post

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