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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

by Gabrielle Zevin

Chatto & Windus

Gaming is the thing that Sam and Sadie have in common.  It’s the thing that brings them together and it’s the thing that drives them apart but it’s their everything! This is the story of the perfect worlds Sam and Sadie build, the imperfect world they live in, and of everything that comes after success: Money. Fame. Duplicity. Tragedy.  Even if you know nothing at all about gaming – like me – you will be intrigued and drawn into Sam and Sadie’s worlds.  A beautiful story of  identity, friendship, growing up and our need to connect.  It was on all the bestseller charts last year and I can see why.  I devoured it!

“A tour de force… A moving demonstration of the blended power of fiction and gaming….Zevin describes herself as ‘a lifelong gamer.’ That level of experience could very well have produced a story of hermetically sealed nostalgia impenetrable to anyone who doesn’t still own a copy of ‘Space Invaders.’ But instead, she’s written a novel that draws any curious reader into the pioneering days of a vast entertainment industry too often scorned by bookworms. And with the depth and sensitivity of a fine fiction writer, she argues for the abiding appeal of the flickering screen. – The Washington Post

Woven throughout  are meditations on originality, appropriation, the similarities between video games and other forms of art, the liberating possibilities of inhabiting a virtual world, and the ways in which platonic love can be deeper and more rewarding—especially in the context of a creative partnership—than romance. – The New Yorker

Engrossing….Though it contains plenty of nostalgia for the pioneer age of 1990s game design, this isn’t primarily a novel of nerdy insider references….Videogames happen to be the medium by which [Zevin’s characters] best express themselves and share in each other’s life. – The Wall Street Journal

This is a boy meets girl story that is never a romance – though it is romantic… Zevin blurs the lines between reality and play… Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow is an artfully balanced novel – charming but never saccharine. The world Zevin has created is textured, expansive and, just like those built by her characters, playful. – The Guardian

This is a great novel. Zevin has the ability to make you care about her creations within paragraphs of meeting them….The book is rich with characters whose intertwined fates power the narrative…We are glad of the privilege of accompanying Sam and Sadie on the adventure of growing up and discovering who they are, and wondering who they might have been. – The Financial Times

A celebration of the narratives, in video games and in life, that reinforce just how important connection really is. In following Sam and Sadie’s journey from Massachusetts to California and into the imagined worlds of their games, Zevin writes the most precious kind of love story.—Annabel Gutterman, Time

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