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by Hernan Diaz


Wow, did this book get glowing references!  Voted one of the top ten best books of 2022 by NY Times, Vogue, Washington Post, TIME, New Yorker, Obama and Bill Gates and Longlisted for the Booker Prize.  Set in the years leading up to the Great Depression, Trust is four books in one cleverly and deviously constructed puzzle:

  1. First there’s a novel that New Yorker’s all believe is the thinly-veiled life of tycoon Andrew Bevel and his wife Mildred.
  2. This is diputed by the livid billionaire who wants to set the record straight so employs
  3. Italian immigrant, Ida Partenza to write his side of the story, revealing her own at the same time
  4. Lastly, his wife’s lost diary sheds a totally different light on everything

Who to trust? Who is actually telling the truth?  How does power and “the reality-warping gravitational pull of capital” distort truth and manipulate facts?  Very clever!


“Intricate, cunning and consistently surprising…Much of the novel’s pleasure derives from its unpredictability…Exhilarating and intelligent novel.” —New York Times

“There is a dazzling intelligence behind this novel, which challenges us to rethink everything we know both about the institutions on which nations are built and the narratives by which stories are told. Sly, sophisticated, insistently questioning, Diaz writes with assurance, determined to rob us of every certainty.”—the Booker Prizes

“The world of Trust feels very close to our own…This book is a reminder that wealth isn’t a treasure chest and the rich aren’t magical, no matter how dramatically they shape the world. It’s all just money, made by real people, with very real, often dangerous implications.” —Vanity Fair

“Sharp and affecting . . . Diaz’s great subject is the scale of American mythmaking . . . It is in his ugly-beautiful portrait of great wealth that Diaz shows his brilliance . . . In this literary Rubik’s Cube, Diaz provides a viable, and hugely entertaining, argument that once a pen is put to paper an element of veracity is always lost. And when money is thrown into the mix, then the lies really multiply.”—Financial Times 

“A rip-roaring, razor-sharp dissection of capitalism, class, greed, and the meaning of money itself that also manages to be a dazzling feat of storytelling on its own terms…  But the uniquely brilliant way in which Diaz tells that story, as meticulously researched as it is narratively exhilarating, makes it a novel not just for the present age but for the ages.”—Vogue

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