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The New Nomads

by Felix Marquardt

“Something magical happens when you arrive somewhere you’ve never been before.  Everything you need is in a bag you can carry, and you are suddenly confronted by a multitude of people – all of them totally different to you, but all of them, at least on some basic level, the same as you, too.  Migration, the act of spending a meaningful time away from where you were born, is the best tool that we have to learn to open our eyes and ears to other people.” 

Migration, according to Felix Marquardt, has long been the single most effective means of education, emancipation and empowerment known to humanity.  At a time when migration stories we hear are largely negative, The New Nomads sets out the positive side.  It chronicles the improbable, poignant and hopeful trajectories of young migrants and it argues that they “become remarkable by taking off rather than they take off because they are remarkable.”   The act of going in search of a better life is at the core of the human experience.  Young people from everywhere are moving everywhere. Or rather, they are moving to where they expect to improve their lives and are turning the world into a beauty contest of cities and regions and companies vying to attract them.  Migration fosters the qualities that will allow our children to flourish and succeed.  An interesting read for those whose children have finished their studies and are hoping to get out into the big wide world – covid-permitting…

An intelligent and insightful analysis of one of the great issues of our age, laced with some powerful real-life examples and culminating in a number of thought-provoking recommendations for change…  A thoughtful and refreshingly optimistic take on one of most urgent and complex issues of our time. – Paul Polman, former CEO, Unilever


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